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June 2019

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Esteemed Class of ’65:

Just a few weeks ago during At Alumni weekend, the Class of ’65, The Masters Award and its authors Kelsey, Noyes and Adams, were frequently mentioned.  The Class of ’65 Spirit Award is about to be awarded.  ’65:  Be proud of your many contributions!

Every aspect and event of the weekend was well-planned and executed, as expected and as usual.  The campus was in full bloom with viburnum, dogwoods, and azaleas competing for your attention.  And the trees!!  You think 55 years is a long time?  I took the tree tour and heard that about 25 trees date back to Olmstead’s time in 1885ish – that’s 135 years.  I am so tired of the overused idiom “awesome” but the campus was a-w-e-s-o-m-e and will be even more so next year.  Randy and Fiona Wood’s catalpa tree, planted near Griswold, MUST be on everyone’s stop in 2020. 

Repeating myself from previous communications, one can stand in the middle of the circle and conclude that lawn-mowing is the only investment the school has made.  Then one walks past the chapel to Flagpole Green immediately concluding the alumni have been spectacularly generous (you included).  When you return for the 55th, take the tour to enjoy all the new construction and landscaping.

The Circle remains unchanged, and so do some life lessons.  Please compare the information in the attached Lawrence article from January 10, 1964, “Ex-Camp Counselors Queried on Experience…..” to Col. Schorr’s note to me today: “Thanks for sending on "The Lawrence" of 10 January 1964. As I have shared with many people over the years, I was happy to see the kids from the inner cities have a good time, but the main reason I became involved with the School Camp was because of the impact it had on the School Camp Counselors. The Camp continues to get the best young men and women Lawrenceville has to offer, and they are saying the same thing that the Counselors of 1964 said today!”  Col. Schorr is a stalwart and long-term supporter of the School Camp, so he would know.  Col. Schorr H '88 '97 '02 P ’80 ’82 ’88 GP ’97 ’09 ’12 ’17.  Oh, and West Point.  (I am genetically programmed to respectfully address all E-8’s and O-6’s and higher by rank, not first name).

See you in 320 days for 65’s 55th!

Leigh P’97 '02