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Class Notes

Spring 2018-19

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Winter 2018-19

Dear ’65,

In my call for class notes I asked for some bragging.  I conclude ’65 is a most reserved and modest group not willing to boast.  Nice, but here is a little bragging:  Big Red Giving Day came and went, and under Matt Dominy’sleadership, ’65 was in the top fiifteen or so classes (out of about 75) in both number of gifts and total amount.  Matt:  “A big shout out to those who participated, and a reminder to the rest of you that there’s still 7 months left in the giving year.” I suspect we haven’t heard the last from Matt!

May I remove the “modesty” moniker for a moment and say that ’65 continues to exemplify Big Red spirit and support.

Speaking of Matt, he came from Phoenix for our 55thReunion planning meeting where we were joined by John Kelseyand Scott Belair.  We invited Thore Hoglund, but instead he sent his best wishes and asked what wines we would be drinking.  Since we met in the Hyatt Room of the newly inaugurated and spectacular Abbot, I said we would drink the same wines offered to the Fifth Formers.  I found the cappuccino machine but not the wine tap. 

Chip Stewartreported he is trying to figure out some kind of middle ground between working and retiring.  Also had fun at the Pont du Gard with the family in May.

George R von Busch-Ennenga retires the “shortest note” trophy with his two-word report, “Super Duper!” [If hyphenated, would it then be a one-word entry? Ed.]  

I report a few coincidences; in this case a cruise trifecta. Seabourn was very fortunate to have Matt Dominy, David Lordand your scribe test the maiden voyage of the Ovation.  Dominy boarded in Venice and disembarked in Lisbon;  Lord cruised from Lisbon to Amsterdam; and Lockwood cruised from Stockholm through St. Petersburg to Copenhagen.  Sort of like the hop-on, hop-off bus tours, no?  Carol Ann and I last visited St. Petersburg in 1985 when it was still Leningrad – it has changed in every possible way and we had a wonderful time.  The Seabourn crew was still cleaning up Dominy’s graffiti (Matt said he was just marking his territory). 

David Lord further reports:  “Seems like I am always a year or two behind Matt in my travels. In August I also had a chance to spend five weeks touring the continent of Australia where I did not run into Matt. I now have traveled to all seven continents and manage couple nice trips a year. Look forward to seeing everyone for 55th in few years.”

JP Rodellreports visiting his former Lodge roommate. “John Burrelland Cindy did their best to improve my health by walking me on the Lake Michigan beaches, bluffs, footbridges, ravines and sidewalks of Highland Park.  He didn't need to employ a leash, but he would have needed a wheelbarrow if we had trekked much further. John is proud of the structure near his home that housed the car that went into a ravine on Ferris Buehler's Day Off.  I might have preferred visiting Ann-Margret's boudoir in Winnetka, but, alas, she had moved on.”  JP also visited Doug Hirsh ’66, “They feted me in Hot Springs, Virginia, in the regal manner akin to that of John and Cindy.”

Howard Myers tells me he is close to the end of another growing season which reminds me of the diverse career paths the class of ’65 has taken.  We are an interesting bunch, if I may say so.  We also have many interests in common, such as the long correspondence between Rob McClellan, Howard Myers, Dan Noyes ’67 (brother of Nick, ’65) about the Eighth Air Force, HM McClellan as B-24 pilot, and WWII and WWI topics.  I must have previously mentioned that our beloved Head Master McClellan flew 25 missions with the Eighth Air Force – when the average survival rate was 11 missions.  ’65 is blessed with four McClellan Honorary classmates.

I have long been a student of the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, so in late October I visited the epicenter of the Dust Bowl, Boise City, Oklahoma.  I spent two days driving through west Texas, the Oklahoma panhandle, and southern Kansas taking in the grasslands, agriculture, and industry trying to imagine the boom and then incredible hardships confronting settlers, “..the country’s biggest ecological catastrophe…”  

Shortly after my return and by (another) coincidence, Howard Myers send me an article, “Agriculture in the aftermath of WWI” which provided still another confirmation that the causes of the Dust Bowl and Great Depression were already taking shape more than a dozen years before the actual events.

I checked in with George Paschalabout the September storms in his area.  He replied, “Thanks for your note. We are fine. Had a ton of rain here but not too much wind. Seemed to last forever.”

John Gore organized a luncheon in Newtown PA for older Lawrentians including Linda Hlavacek (SPELLING) Silver, John Silver ’47, and Dr. Bill Coleman ’38.  Dr. Coleman worried that he could not remember the name of his Third Form math Master.  Sheesh.  I can’t remember where I parked my car an hour ago!  

Your Secretary now signs off and sends these notes before he forgets!  Thank you, everyone!

Please email me with your suggestions for maximizing attendance and fun at our 55th.

Hesitate not. Today, write a newsy email addressed to leigh@leighlockwood.com.