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August 2019

Dear Class of ’65:

Looking forward, we are just 240 days away from 55th reunion weekend festivities.  Also looking forward, your distinguished classmate and Class Agent Matt Dominy joins the Alumni Association Executive Committee and attends his first meeting next month.  Congrats, Matt!!

Looking backward, the complete 1965 Olla Pod now resides on www.lville65.com and can be viewed with almost any .pdf reader.  You no longer have to climb into the attic for original, bang your head on a rafter, and be reminded you stored it in the basement the last time you got a lump.  

Don’t even get out of your chair.   Just go to www.lville65.com, log in, and choose the Olla Pod menu item.*

Further, the .pdf is fully searchable so you can choose terms like “burp” or “Gerstell” (“… colorful coaching of Mr. Gerstell….”) or “championship” or “honors”, the latter two appearing only 127 and 90 times respectively.  The term “mystery-mounds” (nor associated terms “malodorous” or “noxious”) does not appear at all, a regrettable oversight by Douglas V. Skinner, Editor-in-Chief and his entire editorial board.  The term “soggies” does sneak in almost at the very end, and the term “gourmet” appears once, obviously misplaced when associated with 1960’s dining at Lawrenceville.

Reread Cumbler’s poem Arma Verumque on page 58 – serious stuff, truly. 

Reread Beaty’s “The History of the Class of 1965” in which he manages to mention, all in the first paragraph, portable-ant-farm, laundry, illegible, thesis, burden, and doom.

See you soon!

Leigh P ’97 ‘02

*The digital Olla Pod resides on a password protected page open only to members of ’65 who have joined the free site.  To join, just follow the instructions on the home page.  Write to me if you have difficulties.  Write to Matt if you have complaints.